MOM vs MATCHMAKER – Cooking Up Dating Plans At Woo Camp

Mom vs Matchmaker EP 104 – Rocks & Flowers (Clip 2 of 4) – Myx TV

In this clip from « Mom vs Matchmaker, » the Cupids have activated Woo Camp in their picks’ bid to win over romantic Colleen. Mom Noolia is cooking up a plan with her pick, rock climber Kyle, while Carmelia brings in another dating consultant to amp up the romantic chances of her choice, the dashing John Carlo.

« Mom vs Matchmaker » is a show that challenges mothers to set up their kids and prove their talents in love meddling. They just have to beat out world renowned matchmaker, Carmelia Ray with their date, their suitor, and their woo camp to win. When it comes to dating dominance, does mother really know best? All’s fair in mothering and matchmaking.

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